We have always been eager to improve and renovate ourselves with the service consept of public health priority; with our modern,reliable and without sacrificing quality characteristic,with our qualified, specialized phisicaians, kind and friendly staff, in order to prize our society that they deserve.

The health service that our patients get,must be in a reliable,quality and hygienic environment.we try hard to make our patients and their relatives comfortable fort his purpose.besides our medical health services,we eager to satisfy our patients with our hospitality and hotel management services.

Apart from that,there is a unit that call ‘patient rights unit’which our patients can get a consultancy whenever they need.our hospital staff regard our patients as a member of their own family and they Show them necessary attention,care and friendliness. There is an endless and warm relationship between our staff and our patients.this relationship is originated from the persistant reliability.we confirm our success with ever growing the interest of public to our hospital.we hope this interest that encourages our work will grow day by day.

To provide health services with the consciousness of human health importance,without sacrifising ethical values,taking the advantage of the highest level of knowledge and technology of medicine; providing affordable prices, quality,reliable and honest health services.we keep going with the consciousness and responsibilirty of bringing current steps to the future.

On behalf of Bilge Hospital directory
Yrd.Doç.Dr.Beşir KESİCİ